3D - CGI - Animals - Matte painting


Istvan is an artist who creates digital worlds using math and procedural equations. After his studies at the Fine Arts School of Geneva, he moved to Paris in order to complete a degree in fashion design. At the beginning of his career, he worked in Paris as a graphic designer for five years and then in luxury watch sector in Geneva. After these formative years, he decided to return to his passion, art, and to what brought him there in the first place: his desire to "design pictures with computers". He decided to apply his passion and enthusiasm for digital art to the industrial world, and throughout the years developed his early experimentations into real subject matter. His work is unique and personal, surrealistic and “out of time”, due to the essence of the art in itself, based on computer calculations, but remains extremely lifelike and natural looking in its form. Istvan currently divides his time between collaborations with brands and other artists, and working on his personal artistic endeavor.